Ruby on Rails Application Development

Ruby on Rails was invented by David Heinemeier Hansson when he was working on Basecamp around 2003. Ruby on Rails was extracted from the Basecamp project (web-based project management tools develop by 37 signals). Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework for ruby programming and development language also known as Rails development, RoR Development or rubyonrials development.

Ruby on Rails web application framework is meant for rapid web application development. Ruby programming and RoR Development is constantly growing and improved by Ruby on Rails Developers and ROR community to make it more users friendly and more usable. RoR Development come with feature such is MVC (Model View Controller Architecture) that separate data from programming logic. Ruby on Rails Database access library simplifies data handling. Rails framework comes with extensive AJAX library which help to generate AJAX code and required Java script is automatically developed.

RoR also allow rapid web development then PHP and other technologies available today in the market. Rails includes advanced application development like COC (convention over configuration) and DRY (Do not repeat yourself) as well as Agile development methodology. Its make Ruby on Rails technology rapidly popular among the ROR Developer and Web application development companies. Ruby on Rails helps to develop web application and web development economically, less time and less code with advantage to provide conveniences to reusing the code in the development process.

Some of the benefits using Ruby on Rails
    • Ruby and Rails provide fast and easy development solution with maintaining the quality of web applications
    • With help of ruby programming language you need to write few code of web application compare to other programming code to get the same results
    • Ruby on Rails is based on MVC architecture which helps to entire web application to easy manageable and maintain
    • RoR Developer around the word contributing constantly to add more value to this glorious framework
    • Integrated support for most reliable database like SQL, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and PostgreSQL
    • Ruby on Rails has the prototype, effects, dragdrop and controls JavaScript libraries for Ajax, so, integration of ruby on rails Ajax is easy compare to other development language
    • RoR providing Ajax as one of its core functionality for RIA (Rich Internet Application) Web Development.
    • Avoiding wastage of time required for internal training and skill development
    • Rely on our security and system integration experience for securing your business.
Our Expertise in Ruby on Rails Web Development

Agile Software Solutions is a leading software development company from India with experience and expertise in developing, design, integrate solutions based on Ruby on Rails technology including Ruby on Rails e-commerce, Ruby on Rails CMS and AJAX+RoR development. Our Expert Ruby on Rails programmer has experience in developing advanced ruby programming such as ruby on rails with 2.0, Rails Envy, Rails IRC chat, RSS aggregator, Jruby, Merb-Rails, IronRUby and FxRuby.

Our Team of Experienced Ruby Developers is committed to delivering flexible and quality RoR web development solutions to meet your business requirements. Our Ruby on rails development team is highly qualified and specifically concentrates on delivering simple, logical and most consistent high quality solutions to our clients.