Application Integration

Itransition helps companies to support and refine high-level business process that involves different departments, applications and data sources and requires straight-through processing, seamless data interchange and integrated business rules execution.

Why Integrate?

According to Gartner’s research, 75% of corporates have 6+ different systems in their information environments. Handling multiple systems causes 3 main problems that may affect company’s performance:

    • Time loss and inadequate efforts for transferring process-related data from stage to stage.
    • Low information availability and huge efforts spent on data mining, aggregation and validation.
    • Huge IT team efforts to support changes, systems maintenance, access rights management, etc.
Itransition Integration Services

Aiming to resolve the above issues, Itransition provides a full range of integration services that enable our customers to accelerate business processes, eliminate ineffective routine operations, verify data validity and consistency across data warehouses, applications and geographical locations.

Depending on your actual needs and current IT infrastructure, Itransition distinguishes between several types of integration techniques which ensure best return on investments and reduced cost of ownership of the whole information infrastructure.

We offer the following integration services:

Analysis and Consulting for Integration Projects

Itransition provides a set of pre-project services to ensure clear integration vision, transparent budget and deliverables, optimal technology choice and security concepts.

    • Technology consulting
    • Security consulting
    • Information infrastructure audit and testing
    • Project analysis and planning
    • Integration architecture design
    • Process and data modeling
Enterprise Service Bus Implementation

For large businesses that require end-to-end integration across dozens of automated processes and procedures, Itransition offers a full-cycle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation. We enable service-oriented architecture (SOA) basing on the most up-to-date open source and proprietary technologies.

You benefit from the full-cycle service delivered by Itransition which includes ESB deployment and stabilization, full technical documentation, further system improvements, IT team training, and support and maintenance outsourcing.

Our Integration Service can be of many types. We have wide experience in building small to large scale Integrations. Given the opportunity, our team can work with you in putting together a plan that fits your business.