Content and Document Management

Agile understands that in the world of internet marketing it is essential that all the content that is created or captured is stored in the most organized as well as retrievable manner. It not only helps in better and smoothened operations but also leads to a lot more efficient as well as cost saving business processes. One such system that can help you in managing all the important and relevant content of your organization is the content and document management systems.

The key to our success with content and document management solutions is in combining specialist expert areas from consulting, infrastructure, development and training with our pre-existing software components. Each solution we build leverages our experience and in-house components we have developed.

Benefits that your businesses can accrue from using the content and document management systems are:
    • Having a proper content and document management systems in place can greatly help you in reducing the storage space that is needed for documents. It is really essential that all the relevant as well as the important documents that form an essential part of your business procedures are stored at one place
    • Another important aspect that is associated with the content and data management is the easy retrievability. It is essential that the data is stored in a place and a manner so that it is accessible to anybody who needs it as well as in a less time consuming manner.
    • Indexing of documents becomes a lot easier with DMS software.
    • The DMS system can help you in retrieving the document easily with the help of any phrase or word in the document. Apart from that it also helps in categorization of the document in a multiple manner.
    • One of the most important aspects of the DMS system is the security that it provides to the important documents along with the tractable control over these documents.
    • With the help of DMS it becomes easy to have a backup storage for the documents in case of a disaster or some other malfunction.
    • Archiving becomes a lot easier with the DMS system.
    • There is no fear of any lost files.
    • One of the most important aspects of DMS is the management of cash flow that depends heavily on the proper management of documents.
Our Solutions include:
    • Web Content Management
    • Enterprise Information Systems
    • Document Management
    • Corporate Intranets and Extranets
    • Data Repositories