Usability & User Interface Design

User interface design is more than just making pretty screens. It understands how a user needs to interact with an application in the real world. Agile provides innovative and creative UI designs that reflect well on your business, driving web traffic and promoting sales through ease of use and attention to detail.

Agile offers User Interface design, or user-centered design, which is a design approach that designs software around the users to make the software as simple and efficient as possible. To achieve this goal, the design process must balance technical functionality with visual elements to create a software experience that is not only operational and simple but also adaptable to future needs of the business.

Our user centered design services include:
    • Information Architecture
    • Wireframing & Lowfidelity Prototypying (Axure Mockups)
    • Interaction design
    • Visual Design
    • High Fidelity Prototyping using HTML CSS & Jquery
    • User Centered Development
    • Usability testing & expert Reviews

Our User Interface Design Methodology

Agile's methodology involves continuous iteration until all objectives are satisfied. The sequence of the following steps varies depending on the design necessary.

Analysis Phase
    • Meet with key stakeholders to set product vision
    • Include usability tasks in the project plan
    • Assemble a multidisciplinary team to ensure complete expertise
    • Develop usability goals and objectives
    • Look at competitive products for product-feature research and benchmarking
    • Create user profiles
    • Develop a task analysis
    • Document user scenarios
    • Document user performance requirements
Design Phase
    • Brainstorm design concepts and metaphors
    • Develop information architecture
    • Develop screen flow and navigation model
    • Walkthroughs of design concepts
    • Visual design
    • Create low-fidelity prototypes
    • Conduct usability testing on prototypes
    • Create high-fidelity prototypes
    • Usability testing
    • Document standards and guidelines
    • Create a design specification
Implementation Phase
    • Continuous investigative evaluations
    • Work closely with delivery team as design is implemented
    • Conduct usability testing
Deployment Phase
    • Use surveys to get user feedback
    • Expert Reviews