Terms and Conditions

The terms "User" when used in these Terms of Service means any user of this website and/or Software.


By accessing this website, User agrees to these Terms of Service. If User disagrees with these Terms of Service, User should exit this website and/or stop using the Software. These Terms of Service may be changed by Agile Software from time to time without specific notice to User. The latest Terms of Service will be posted on the website.


Software is provided on terms and conditions of product license agreements

Support Policy

Support services are provided by Agile Software Support Team. Support Email: bk@agilesoftsolutions.com


All fees are payable in US dollars. All transmission fees, currency translation fees, wire and bank fees chargeable by or deducted from remittances by any bank, including the transmitting, intermediary or recipient bank are the responsibility of the remitting party (customer). Merchant fees charged by Credit Card Companies and by PayPal assessed to Agile Software, will be absorbed by Agile Software and are expressly not the responsibility of the remitting party. Fee amounts are subject to change at any time, at sole discretion of Agile Software.

Software Delivery

Software is delivered to User by Internet only (e.g. can be downloaded from this website or emailed to User). Most of the coded files having core functions would be provided in the encrypted format for the final delivery of the product and you will have control to change Application's look & feel through template files provided along with css setting update.

Upgrade policy

Upgrades are any modifications in Software, e.g. source code content, database structure, or interface appearance. Agile Software is continually improving and enhancing Software, based on customers feedback and market demand. New versions of the Software are released from time to time at Agile Software’s discretion.

However, new applications (new Software packages) developed and released by Agile Software are not considered Software upgrades. Any Software modifications, e.g. adding new features, removing or redesigning existing features, or making interface changes are completely at Agile Software’s discretion.